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The Weed Science Society of Israel - WSSI

The Weed Science Society of Israel (WSSI) was founded as a voluntary non-profit association in 1964


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The Society was founded to promote interest in, to gather and to spread information on weeds in Israel. Our Society encompasses all those who are interested or involved in identification, research and control of weeds in Israel.

Main activities include a bi-annual professional meeting, several more specific conferences once or twice a year; field days once or twice a year. The society is a member of the International Weed Science Society. The society promotes B.Sc. and M.Sc. students in the field of weed science.

Present Board members

Idan Richker - President

Ran N. Lati- Vice President 

Yiftach Gilaadi- Treasurer

Amit Paporisch- Secretary 

Tom Kliper

Yoel Rubin

Avishag Levi Bar-Shalom

Or Ram

Yael Haze

Honor president- Mr. Shaul Graph


Audit Committee

Hanan Eizenberg- Chair

Andy Reznik

Maor Matzrafi

Past presidents

Gideon Cohen: 1964

Amos Schulberg: 1968

Menashe Horowitch: 1968-1970

Nachum Lifshitz: 1970-1973

Chaim Shoham: 1973-1976

Aryeh Nir: 1976-1979

Ephraim Koren: 1979-1981

Yeshayahu Kleifeld: 1981

Zeev Ernshtein: 1981-1984

Baruch Rubin: 1984-1987

Daniel Joel: 1987-1990

Jonathan Gressel: 1990-1992

Tuvia Yaacoby: 1992-1994

Yuval Ohali: 1994-1996

Aryeh Nir: 1996-1998

Tuvia Yaacoby: 1998-2001

Yuva Benyaminil: 2001-2003

Moshe Sibony: 2003-2005

Joseph Hershenhorn: 2005-2007

Hanan Eizenberg: 2007-2009

Erez Zahavi: 2009-2011

Yaakov Goldwasser: 2011-2013

Shaul Graph: 2013-2015

Evgenia Dor: 2015-2017


Honor members

Zeev Ernshtein: 2005

Menashe Horowitch: 2005

Nachum Lifshitz: 2005

Aryeh Nir: 2005

Yeshayahu Kleifeld: 2005

Baruch Rubin: 2005

Jonathan Gressel: 2007

Ezra Yasour: 2007

Titi Blumenfeld: 2009

Reuven Jacobsohn: 2009

Yaakov Alon: 2009

Tzuriel Sando: 2009

Ali Lior: 2009

Daniel Joel: 2011

Yair Zaks: 2011

Moshe Sibony: 2013

Tuvia Yaacoby: 2013

Yaair Oren: 2017

Yaakov Goldwasser: 2019

Joseph Hershenhorn: 2019

International Links 

International Weed Science Society 

The Weed Science Society of America

European Weed Research Society

The International Parasitic Plant Society 


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